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1. Students desiring accommodation in the Hostel shall submit an application form duly signed by student/parent/guardian along with Registration fees atleast 15 days before the reopening of the college for the academic year.

2. The application will be scrutinized and selection made by the management and such selection shall not be questioned under any circumstances.

3. The List of selected students for admission to the hostel will be published on the Notice Board of the college hostel atleast one weekprior to the date of reopening of the college. No individual communication will be sent to the student under any circumstances.

4. The selected student shall pay all the fees including deposits at the time of joining the hostel which shall be simultaneous to the admission of the student concerned to the college. In the event of any student omitting or failing to pay the fees and complete The formalities for admission into the hostel such student shall not be eligible to seek admission on a later date and the management shall have the discretion to grant admission to any other student.

5. Every Student admitted into the hostel shall along with her parent or guardian give an undertaking to abide by all the rules and regulations, code of conduct and discipline of the hostel. The residént students who are granted admission shall pay the following fees:

1. Application Fees : Rs. 100 per year

2. Establishment Fees : Rs.4,000 peryear

3. Mess Fees : Rs. 1,400 per month

The residents shall be liable to pay the hostel dues for 11 months commencing from 15th June and ending 14th May of the following year irrespective of the number of days of stay by the students in the hostel.


1. The students shall abide by the circula rs, directions, rules and regulations may be imposed from time to time by the managing committee or by the person incharge of the hostel.

2. All students are governed by the hostel rutes from the commencement of the college until the end of the academic term and journey back home.

3. All students should maintain high standard of manners. In particular

a. They should show consideration for the needs of others

b. They should take pride in their personal appearance

c. They should greet all teachers, administrative staff and visitors.

d. They should be in Churidhars, half-sarees or in sarees atleast till 6.00 p.m.


The entire hostel campus is in bounds with the exception of

1. Staff quarters, college stores, Hostel office (unless there is official work there)

2. Rooms and dormitories other than the students own rooms and dormitorIes.

3. Dining hall except at meals times and study hour and kitchen and pantry at all times.

4. Students visiting staff residences require permission from principal or Hostel Incharge.


The boarder shall participate in all programmes of the college and hostel and no permission will be granted to go out whenever a function is scheduled either in the college or in the hostel. Such of the students who do not turn out for the functions shalt be, Liable for action of indiscipline eventually denying her the hostel facilities.


1. Every one must be on time for all the meals in the dining hall

2. No food is allowed to be taken out of the dining hall.

3. The students should not talk loudly or shout across the dining table. Decency and decorum must be maintained in the dining hall. Directions given by the warden must always be followed. Visitors are allowed only on Sundays. Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel other than the permitted area.


* Only telephone messages will be conveyed to the students as it will not be possible to call the students to answer any telephone calls. Only parents are permitted to talk in an emergency after 9.00 p.m. to warden.

* The inmates are not permitted to stay outside the hostel at night.

* During working hours no one is allowed to stay inside the hostel without genuine reason or written permission from the Hostel Incharge & Principal.

* No day scholar is permitted to be brought inside the hostel rooms. Action will be taken against hostler if they day scholar is found in the room.

* No student is allowed to meet Principal or Secretary at their residence for any discussion except through the Hostel Incharge.

* The parent / guardian will be called by the Principal whenever necessary with or without the knowledge of the inmates.

* The rooms will be inspected at regular intervals, so keeping the rooms tidy is very essential.

* A movement Register should be signed and correctly maintained to locate an individual during the absence.

* The inmates are not permitted to convene any meeting or stick notices without the prior permission from the Principal.

* No student is permitted to keep any electronic items, Iron Box, Heater in the room.

* In case of illness the student shall inform the hostel in-charge immediately. No student shall be permitted to medicate herself without a prescription by a doctor. Any breakage or damage to the hostel propertý should be reported to the hostel incharge. The value or loss will be made good by the student concerned.

* No student should have any books which is not concerned with the curriculum without the approval of the class teacher or hostel incharge.

* Watching TV & hearing the Radio will be permitted during the prescribed hours.

* Causing disturbance and gossiping in the common areas are strictly forbidden.

* Each case of violation of rules and regulations wilt be viewed depending upon the gravity of indiscipline, and action will be taken according to the situation and circumstances in which the offence is committed.

A committee consisting of members of the management as well as the college will visit the Hostel whenever deemed fit in order to satisfy themselves about the proper compliance of the rules of the hostel.

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